Drupal Cloud Management

High availability hosting and support tailored to your Drupal application.

"Invaluable and critical Drupal and infrastructure support to meet school demands during COVID-19 shutdown"
David Hankin
Founder - Revise Online

Auto-scaling infrastructure to meet the fluctuating demands of any business


 Backed by an expert team of systems engineers and Drupal developers 


Open source specialists. Compatible with Drupal, Magento and Laravel

We provide secure, high availability hosting services with enterprise Drupal support.

Optimised to serve small web applications through to multi-zone high traffic enterprise applications, Doghouse.Cloud brings together over a decade of experience building and supporting web applications with the latest in infrastructure technology.

Just some of the apps we support
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Focus on your business and leave the web to us

 With simple all-inclusive tiered pricing, Doghouse.Cloud managed hosting and support offering enables you to focus on your core business while leaving the monitoring, maintenance, patching and security management of your online environment to us. 

Nuts & Bolts

Our infrastructure is underpinned by enterprise grade hardware and networking provided by AWS and GCP.

High Availability

Doghouse.cloud is a high availability product, with multiple physical locations and horizontal scaling providing complete redundancy.


Our infrastructure scales based on load, as traffic increases new pods are automatically deployed to handle the increased traffic.

High availability hosting and support serving millions of requests.
Autoscaling clusters

Kubernetes driven scaling to provide ongoing performance during unplanned traffic spikes


Web application firewall and DDoS protection. Secure code base repository management and deployment pipeline

Application management

Complete application management including ongoing security updates and core patching 


Utilising the latest cloud orchestration platform, we aim to deliver the most performant development, deployment, and end-user experience possible

24/7 Monitoring

Utilising tools such as New Relic we provide 24x7 application and infrastructure monitoring 


Multiple availability zones, CDN integrations and microservices such as Elastic Search and Varnish 


Our friendly team of application and platform engineers are always at the ready through our support desk and hotline


Platform agnostic, the ability to manage multiple codebases including Laravel, Decoupled JS and Magento

24/7 SLA’s

Clearly defined and measurable service levels, including round the clock critical response

Your application is secure and reliable with Doghouse Cloud.

Optimised for PHP open source applications, Doghouse.Cloud is managed by an Australian based team of experienced experts and Infrastructure engineers.

  • Australian support team
  • Optional web development support
  • Enterprise and public sector focused
  • True full stack managed solution